April 15, 2024

Our complicated relationship with viruses


In this 2016 article published by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, we will discover that at least 10% of the human genome is made up of virus DNA. The report shows us that rather than harming us, virus DNA is actually beneficial. Commonly referred to as endogenous retroviruses (ERVs), these viral hitchhikers actually help protect us from disease, as well as play important roles in human evolution.

Editor’s Note: The following article offers to us a new understanding of viruses, as well as explains why consistent sanitation of our surroundings can ultimately cause us greater harm than good. The article also explains to us that mutations in viruses are normal, and should not be a cause of panic. Add that mutations come from the interaction with the human body

As you read through this article, think about how mainstream science has educated us about viruses. How does this article change our understanding of health? How does understanding the role of viruses in human evolution being considered in our national coronavirus responses?

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