October 1, 2023

Climate crisis worsens amidst the pandemic


For some cities, smog has lifted and rivers are now running clear. The shutting down of many countries has led to the healing of the environment. Or so we thought. 

In this article for The Washington Post, author Ishaan Tharoor says that environmental healing during the pandemic was no more than an illusion. In fact, carbon dioxide levels are at their highest in history, and various climate incidents continue to plague countries. Saharan dust has reached the Atlantic and is now being experienced in southern United States. Last week, swarms of locusts have reached New Delhi. Wildfires have ignited in the peatlands surrounding the Arctic, while parts of the Amazon continue to burn. 

For many country leaders, the experience of the pandemic has reiterated the importance of prioritizing the human and the environment. Meanwhile, worldwide lockdowns have shown us that when leaders are united towards one goal, they can act quickly and with finality.

Editor’s Note: COVID-19 has brought home the impact of our disregard for nature. But it has also shown us that we have the capacity to address the climate emergency if countries have finally realized that caring for the earth is of utmost importance to the survival of humans. 

There is no room for fear in our rapidly changing society. If we want our children to have any kind of future, we must realize that COVID-19 is just the beginning of our common challenge [take the first step towards true healing, read END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us].

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