February 25, 2024

102 evidences showing the COVID-19 pandemic is false


On April 16, 2020, Kevin’s Galalae of the Center of Global Consciousness released a document which summarized 102 articles which showed that the panic surrounding COVID-19 is baseless. 

Galalae looks at anomalies to the recording of COVID-19 deaths, as well as the data showing that most of those infected by the new coronavirus are symptom-free. He also says that more and more countries are acknowledging that the death rate is a little lower than influenza, and that the lockdown was not necessary.

Galalae also looks at how countries like Japan and Thailand overcame the virus despite a very lax approach, and how some countries were pressured by the international community to impose lockdowns even when coronavirus cases were minimal. He goes on to say that the strategy utilized by many countries was politically motivated, and mainstream media helped perpetuate panic, which in turn led people to accept lockdowns without complaint. 

Editor’s Note: The points raised on this document echoes those that we have been reiterating since we began this website. In fact, a number of the resources we found independently are cited in this document.
This tells us that the information about the truth behind the coronavirus may be found online, if we learned how to integrate them. It also tells us that we are not alone in seeing the patterns, and that there is hidden dynamics running the coronavirus panic that we are all unaware of. 

Seeing this document highlights for us the importance of research and critical thinking. It also stresses the harmfulness of censorship in social media. As we know, articles and videos contradicting the narrative developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) are banned from many platforms  [see The Pandemic Of Censorship]. 

Without access to articles such as the 102 listed in this document, we wouldn’t be able to see the emerging narrative, and we will be forced to live in fear and panic.

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