October 4, 2023

Expect failure and adverse reactions with coronavirus vaccine


In this article for his website, Dr. Joseph Mercola shows us clinical trials of coronavirus vaccines are far from reassuring.

He talks about the result of the trials of the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford Jenner Institute. Researchers found that both vaccinated and unvaccinated monkeys contracted the virus, and that vaccinated monkeys did not antibodies as expected. Despite this result, however, the vaccine was pushed for human trials only because vaccinated monkeys did not show lung damage. Researchers are now encountering the problem of having to “chase the virus” as infections continue to fall and they are now saying that there is a 50% chance of no result. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Mercola also tackles the record-breaking speed that Moderna is being rolled out [in a previous article on this site, subjects of the Moderna clinical trials developed serious complications, see Covid-19 Vaccine fiasco: Danger ahead]. 

Dr. Mercola also highlights the danger of the new processes being utilized in vaccine development, which includes the use of new RNA technology, which has never been tested before. 

Editor’s Note: We knew that fast-tracked vaccines will be dangerous, and in this article, Dr. Mercola explains to us the extent of this danger.

This article is an excellent companion to a new article written by Nicanor entitled A touted COVID-19 vaccine has already harmed people.

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