April 15, 2021

We are overestimating the mortality rate of COVID-19

The rate of mortality for COVID-19 may be an overestimate as there is no data on the total number of people who are infected with the disease. In this article for the World Economic Forum, Nina Schwalbe says that the limitations in testing and the current protocols for dealing with the disease means that many asymptomatic patients (those who do no show symptoms of COVID-19) are not included in the official statistics.

1 thought on “We are overestimating the mortality rate of COVID-19

  1. Hi Nick,

    Please watch Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on YouTube. Stanford Medicine just published a seroprevalence study of Sta Clara County in Northern California. Study shows that for every 1 person that the PCR test method has identified, there are 45 to 80 more asymptomatic people in that county using the anti-body test. Please note this a private sector response in Silicon Valley and did not use Federal Dollars. I can explain it more if we have a Skype or Zoom call.

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