June 25, 2024

Navigating the website

We want readers to get the most benefit from this website.

Here is an overview of the design of the website. This will make navigating this website easier for you.  


Here are the nine (9) major categories of the website, for now. We expect these categories to evolve in the near future.

  • About Us
  • Burning Questions
  • Fake News
  • Societal Impact
  • Responses by Government
  • Germ Theory
  • Integral Theory of Health
  • Individual and Collective Action Now
  • COVID-19 and Climate Emergency

There is logic to the sequence of these categories.

They move from a look at the existing phenomena (the first 5 categories) to a look at the underlying dominant paradigm (germ theory) framing our understanding of these phenomena.

The Integral Theory of Health is the heart of this website. It will reframe how you will understand the phenomena, how you will include and transcend the Germ Theory, and how it will guide to take concrete action to stay healthy and alive.

We will have a better understanding of the last category (on Climate Emergency) when we understand the Integral Theory of Health.

Now we can take a glimpse of the content of the various categories.

About Us: Go here if you want to know more about the people behind the website and the purpose of this website.

Burning Questions: There are many burning questions. These include test accuracy, the nature of the virus, the length of lockdowns, the extent of the pandemic and so on. If your burning question is not being addressed, please write us. We will do our best to answer.

Fake News. In addition to the viral pandemic, we also have the pandemic of fake news. We will take a look at some of the most widespread and prevalent fake news. Knowing the truth will lead to greater clarity and less confusion.

Societal Impact. In trying to save lives, government lockdowns are resulting in the meltdown of economies and general instability of other aspects of society. We will cover the most urgent impacts on society, current and projected.

Responses by Government. Many countries have resorted to draconian lockdowns. But not all have done that. We will cover the different approaches of the different nation states and draw lessons that would be useful for controlling the pandemic without collapsing society and its economy.

Germ Theory. This is the mother of all theories underlying the mainstream understanding of pandemics and government responses to pandemics, especially lockdowns. We need to understand this thinking to navigate the new brave world of pandemics.

Integral Theory of Health. We need to balance the current one-sided germ theory with a deeper and more widespread appreciation of the human immune system. Pathogens, including viruses, are totally powerless in the face of a strong immune system. The Integral Theory of Health says pathogens are secondary causes. They appear when the human immune system is weak (primary cause).  The integral theory of health explains why a lot more people are surviving the pandemic, than dying.

Individual and Collective Action Now. There is a lot we can do when we are stuck at home. This section will be a practical guide to strengthening our immune system and practicing science-based hygienic practices like hand washing. We will also feature new digital forms of collective action.

The COVID-19 pandemic and Climate Emergency. Before this pandemic, climate emergency was the hottest issue on the planet. Where is it now in connection with the pandemic? We will surface surprising connections.


When you go to our website, you will enter a landing page which explains the purpose of the website. We want to make sure that our visitors know the precise purpose of the website.

At the bottom of the landing page, you will see the “Latest Posts”. If you click an article there, it will take you to the Article page.

This Article Page has three distinguishing features. First, there is an underlined, red clickable word or phrase. That is the Category description. Click that and it will lead you to all articles in the same category. An article can have more than one category.

Second, you will see three dots with the word “Menu” under the dots. This is in the upper right side of the page, beside the Search icon. Click this “Menu” and it will bring you to the Major categories of the website. These Categories correspond to the nine (9) Categories discussed above under design.

Click any of these Categories and it will immediately bring you to all the articles under that Category. There are also sub-Categories there.

Third, you can also find the major categories at the bottom of each article. You will see a number in parenthesis, e.g. (6). That means there are six articles in that category. Click it and the articles will come out. Some subject headings or categories have sub-headings with their own numbers. You can also click these sub-headings to access all the articles.

An Invitation

We invite you to co-create this website with us. We will be more than happy to receive any constructive suggestion on how to improve the content and design of the website.

We also enjoin everyone to engage in meaningful discussions about the topics covered on this website. Simply leave your comments in any of the articles featured here. Comments may be moderated to ensure the high quality of these discussions, and to prevent trolling and spamming.