Are the tests really accurate?

Epidemiologist reveals circular reasoning used to support the validity of COVID-19 test kits

The following article was written on March 26, 2020, in the early days of worldwide lockdowns due to the novel coronavirus. 

The article is a transcript of a conversation between Jason Hommel and an unnamed epidemiologist who wished to address Hommel’s claim that the COVID-19 test kits do not work. In this conversation, Hommel asks the epidemiologist an important question: how can one distinguish a false positive result from that of an asymptomatic patient? 

Editor’s Note: In this article, Hommel touches on basic issues on COVID-19 testing, which up to now remains unaddressed [see RT-PCR tests are scientifically meaningless and How accurate are COVID-19 tests?]. If only lockdowns were not based on rising infection cases, this article would have been funny. 

But millions have already lost their jobs, and even more are living in fear. Many countries remain clueless on their way out of this pandemic. It is the responsibility of scientists, particularly those in the WHO to prove that tests kits work, and that RT-PCR tests are reliable. Without this due diligence, we shouldn’t be readily submitting our economies and societies into destruction. 

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One reply on “Epidemiologist reveals circular reasoning used to support the validity of COVID-19 test kits”

[…] Also, if community transmission can no longer be controlled despite huge restrictions in human mobility, why are we still in lockdowns? Why haven’t we changed our COVID-19 strategy?  Moreover, the government is creating new problems as it is now bent on boosting our testing capacity (after months of ignoring the call for mass testing), while the rest of the world is already realizing the problem with testing [see Faulty COVID-19 tests: Why prisoners love their jailers and never-ending lockdowns, RT-PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless, How Accurate Are COVID-19 Tests?] With the inclusion of the asymptomatic sub-groups in the testing, we can expect a drastic increase in the number of infections, but we must ask this important question: if there is an 80% chance of RT-PCR tests returning false positives, how do we differentiate the “true” false positives from the asymptomatics [for a discussion of this concern, read Epidemiologist Reveals Circular Reasoning Used To Support The Validity Of COVID-19 Test Kits]. […]

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