Is it really that deadly? Lessons learned

Study: 80% of people with coronavirus in UK have no symptoms

In this article published by the CNBC last October 8, 2020, reports on the results of the study conducted by the University College London (UCL). According to the research, 86.1% of those who tested positive for the virus did not report “core symptoms” associated with COVID-19. The researchers concluded: “COVID-19 symptoms are poor markers of […]

Lessons learned Collective Actions

COVID-19 back to basics with Nicanor Perlas

The following is an almost 2-hour long video of the talk given by Nicanor Perlas last Tuesday, October 20, 2020 via Signal, disseminated via Zoom and Facebook. In the talk, Nicanor speaks about vaccine, herd immunity, and the role of civil society in asserting our freedom. He stresses the need for us to hear the […]


Twitter removes anti-mask tweet by Scott Atlas

Dr. Scott Atlas tweeted the following: “Masks work? NO: LA, Miami, Hawaii, Alabama, France, Phlippnes, UK, Spain, Israel.” He adds: “WHO:’widesprd use not supported’ + many harms; Heneghan/Oxf CEBM:’ despite decades, considerble uncertainty re value’; CDC rvw May: ‘no sig red’n in inflnz transm’n’; learn why.” “That means the right policy is @realDonaldTrump guideline: use […]

Is a lockdown necessary? Lessons learned

New Study: Nearly all coronavirus transmission occur indoors

A new report by Agence France-Presse (AFP) republished by the Philippine Daily Inquirer shows that almost all documented coronavirus transmissions have occurred indoors. The author of the study, Mike Weed, a professor and researcher at Canterbury Christ Church University told AFP: “There were virtually no cases we could identify that took place in sort of […]

Is it really that deadly? Global Lessons learned

UK average age of COVID-19 deaths is 82

A study published by the Oxford Univerity’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine shows that the average age of people who died from COVID-19 in England and Wales since the beginning of the pandemic is 82. This is slightly higher than the median age of those who died of other causes over the same period, which […]

What exactly is the nature of the virus? Global

CDC published article showing SARS-CoV-2 not infectious to humans

The following article by Dr. Tom Cowan explains in layman’s terms the findings of a research conducted and published by the Center for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) last June 2020. Dr. Cowan highlights some of the more important points of the CDC article include the following: (1) the researchers used 37 unpurified base pairs from […]

Global Collective Actions

The Great Barrington Declaration: Life must return to normal for the healthy, the vulnerable must be protected

The following declaration was published last October 4, 2020. It was originally authored and signed by Dr. Martin Kulldorf, an epidemiologist with expertise in detecting and monitoring of infectious disease outbreaks and vaccine safety evaluations, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, an epidemiologist with expertise in immunology, vaccine development, and mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, and Dr. Jay […]


Dr. Mike Yeadon: The pandemic is over

This article published by Hubpages last October 7, 2020 explores Dr. Mike Yeadon’s assertion that the pandemic is over and that many countries may have already reached herd immunity [new studies are now showing that herd immunity thresholds are much lower than previously estimated, read Herd immunity may be closer than we think and No, […]

Collective Actions Global

Canadian doctors back localized approach, not sweeping lockdowns to control COVID-19

The following is an open letter signed by 20 doctors and professors of medicine from faculties at the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and University of Ottawa. The letter urges Premier Doug Ford to adopt a tactical localized approach to deal with rising COVID cases in Ontario. The authors remind the authorities that increasing cases […]

Collective Actions Philippines

Vendors in Bacolod protest against mandatory swab tests

In a September 24, 2020 article published by Aksyon Radyo Bacolod, it was reported that several vendors from the Libertad Market are planning to skip the mandatory swab testing being implemented by the government. Several individuals have raised concerns about the possibility of testing positive and being prevented from earning income for their families. The […]