July 24, 2024

Vaccine Hesitancy Grows Among American Parents

Vaccine Hesitancy Grows Among American Parents

A CDC study found that 19% of American parents reported vaccine hesitancy for routine childhood vaccines from April 2019 to August 2022. The study noted shifts in hesitancy among specific demographic groups, with an increase among parents of children aged 5 to 11 following the authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for that age group. Parents below the poverty line showed a gradual increase in hesitancy. The CDC emphasized the need for tailored programs to address vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccination rates.

Editor’s Note: This increased hesitancy highlights the complex connection between new vaccine introductions and existing trust issues with childhood inoculation. The gradual increase in hesitancy among low-income families is particularly concerning, as it may reflect broader socio-economic and even informational barriers that need to be addressed by all governments.

Vaccine hesitancy could stem from mistrust in the vaccine-making process, with all the discoveries being unearthed about side effects and exacerbated by the widespread discrimination that unvaccinated people had to endure due to forced vaccination policies during the height of COVID-19.

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1 thought on “Vaccine Hesitancy Grows Among American Parents

  1. Well that’s good news because people begin to think more than just give their trust without thinking. Schools need to teach more about human rights, parental rights and limits of power of government. I think this is what tyrants fear the most.

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