June 25, 2024

Ensuring Privacy: The Ongoing Case for Voluntary Digital ID Systems


The Children’s Health Defense (CHD) urged U.S. regulatory authorities to ensure digital ID systems remain voluntary following the Biden administration’s plan to create a national digital identity ecosystem. CHD stressed a Los Angeles Superior Court order that upheld the right to use traditional IDs, reinforcing that digital IDs should be optional. The court’s decision came from a lawsuit challenging the Los Angeles SmartLA 2028 initiative, which raised privacy concerns. This article emphasized the importance of voluntary digital IDs, especially in light of similar mandatory measures in France and Canada.

Editor’s Note: Privacy concerns surrounding digital IDs are legitimate and pressing. The potential for mandatory digital ID systems to infringe upon individual privacy is not an impossibility, especially given the vast amounts of personal data that would need to be stored and managed in the cloud. All governments need to know that keeping digital IDs voluntary is essential to ensure they respect the privacy of their citizens and to assure them that they still have control over their own information.

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5 thoughts on “Ensuring Privacy: The Ongoing Case for Voluntary Digital ID Systems

  1. The DICT and DILG has been conducting orientation seminars in all LGUs on how to implement the digitalization of government transactions using Digital IDs including the means of how to incentivize it for the public sectors to adopt. People should refrain from using ANY digital transactions offered by the government. It will just operationalize and sustain the system with an ultimate goal of surveillance and control. I think this experience from Iceland would give us a glimpse of what will happen: https://x.com/iamLeonHill/status/1791106077167169636

    1. Hmm… In our engagement with farmers, it seems that a majority do not even have a bank account, and a smart phone! Many areas also do not have internet coverage. Maybe that is a good thing. Or it might happen that the “Westernized” society would push its desires on a majority of people who have no need for it.

      1. The PSA field staff involved in registering people in the barangays for the National ID revealed before the employees of one LGU that the National ID will be used someday in entering government buildings, in government transactions, obtaining benefits from government etc. The DICT holds the key to make these happen he added. Little by little the public will be forced to use government digital services. And the private businesses will join with the plan through the LGUs effort of requiring the enterpreneurs to implement digital transactions prior to their business permit renewals. The DILG has the capacity to force the LGUs to comply just like when the DILG forced the LGUs to implement the CoViD lockdowns. It seems that the government’s slogan of “Bagong Pilipinas” is aligned with the New World Order plan.

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