June 25, 2024

Richard Dawkins Mourns Christianity’s Decline


What is the role of Christianity in society? Richard Dawkins is starting to find out.

In a British radio interview, Dawkins says that he is happy to know that fewer people believe in Christianity but laments that the Christian symbols of his youth have become replaced by a new culture that is “fundamentally hostile to the European way of life”.

As European countries have enabled the seamless integration of migrants in the community, the lack of cohesive identity has made it “difficult for native populations to resist the cultural onslaught”. The result has been damning. According to the article, “Christianity has been successfully purged from the public square; instead of being replaced with reason and rationality, it has been replaced with a far more extreme denial of reality.”

Editor’s Note: This, friends, is what the cultural war is about. When we do not know who we are as individuals or as citizens of a country, we cannot defend our identity and, by extension, our humanity.

Take note that this article is not about criticizing Islamic culture. Instead, it is about realizing that the foundations of our societies, Christianity among them, served a particular purpose. Atheists like Dawkins thought that they could replace religion with science. They didn’t realize that religion is not the same as spirituality and that what religion needed was transformation, not a total erasure.

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