June 25, 2024

White House Launches Global Health Security Strategy Amid Criticism of Potential Overreach


The White House launched the U.S. Global Health Security Strategy (GHSS) to protect global and American health by addressing future pandemics. This strategy adopted its pillars from the progress and lessons from COVID-19 and aims to strengthen global health security through bilateral partnerships, expanding from 19 to 50 countries. It underscores political commitment, financing, and leadership to support pandemic preparedness and response. The strategy also seeks to integrate health security with other health, development, and security programs for improved outcomes to prepare for future health emergencies.

Editor’s Note: The program will involve multiple U.S. government agencies and has already secured $2 billion in funding from various contributors, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In a Children’s Health Defense article, an interview with the journalist Kimberly Iversen was noted. [See: Biden White House Signs on to New Gates-Funded Pandemic Surveillance Plan] Iversen criticized the initiative, arguing it could lead to government overreach and chaos similar to the COVID-19 response. She highlighted concerns about the influence of contributors like the Gates Foundation, suggesting the potential for these corporations to manipulate health policies in poorer countries.

Iversen also alluded to recent findings indicating that some governments imposed vaccine mandates despite knowing the vaccines did not prevent transmission, further questioning the motives behind such global health initiatives. It’s safe to say that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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