May 27, 2024

Louisiana Senate Passes Bill Saying WHO, UN, and WEF Has No Jurisdiction Over The State


Senate Bill 133 (SB 133) has been unanimously passed by the Louisiana Senate. The bill passed by a vote of 37 yeas and 0 nays, and has now been sent to the house for deliberation.

SB 133 states, “The World Health Organization, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum shall have no jurisdiction or power within the state of Louisiana.”

Editor’s Note: This is certainly good news, and must be celebrated!

Though the bill is not yet out of the woods, it is already an indication of the reality that more public officials are awakening to the attempts of various international organizations to grab the power of governments.

We need more states and countries to issue these kinds of resolutions! [Also read Newly-Elected Slovakian Prime Minister Rejects WHO Pandemic Treaty]. And we need more citizens supporting these kinds of bills!

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