April 12, 2024

NHS Trust Insists Drug-Induced Milk from Transgender Women is Safe for Babies


In a statement released on its website, the University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust (USHT) said that mills produced by transwomen were “safe” and were “comparable to that produced following the birth of a baby”.

The USHT cited scientific papers released by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1977 saying that human milk is better for babies than formula milk. The statement also references a 2020 study that said that “milk testosterone concentrations” were below 1% and had no “observable side effects”.

The Telegraph article cited below describes the process of stimulating lactation among transwomen which requires the use of various drugs. One of these drugs is known to cause side effects affecting the heart.

Editor’s Note: In the quest for greater inclusivity and accepting diversity, our societies have now compromised the health of young babies. Damaged babies become damaged adults who will have a life-long dependency on pharmacological products. We wonder: do these people who promote drug-induced human milk truly believe in their narrative? Or are they knowingly selling damaging products and services?

That our societies are under attack can no longer be denied. Do you want your children to grow up in a delusional society that thinks it can change nature’s creation without consequences?

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