June 15, 2024

How can we restore freedom after three years of constant manipulation and fear propaganda by the institutions that we trust? This is the main question that Jeffrey Tucker wants to answer in this November 8, 2023 article for The Epoch Times.

Tucker suggests that by focusing on individual responsibility, promoting transparency in governance, and fostering a culture that values personal liberties and accountability, we will be able to restore freedom. It emphasizes the need to limit government intervention and empower citizens to make informed choices, thereby safeguarding fundamental freedoms.

Editor’s Note: As we read this article, we are once again reminded of this quote from Jose Rizal, “there can be no tyrants if there are no slaves”. Freedom is not a gift given to us by the powers that be. It is something we have to fight for in order to be worthy of it. The responsibility for freedom falls on our shoulders, not on other people, and certainly not on other people. It is also our responsibility to awaken others to their role in safeguarding our collective freedom. We have the tools to do all these, but do we have the will and the courage?

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1 thought on “How Can We Restore Freedom?

  1. A forgotten author once said:
    When people fears the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is democracy

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