April 17, 2024

In this August 28, 2023 article for The Verge, Ryan Broderick explores the many troubles Google is currently facing. He explores how Google ranks website pages and how it can be manipulated through social engine optimization (SEO).

The article shows how SEO, primarily used as a strategy to bring in more people to a commercial website, has become a strategy for manipulating opinion and influencing culture, and internet professionals are starting to take notice. One professional said, “Google has gotten shittier and shittier. To me, it just continues the transformation of the internet into this shitty mall. A dead mall that’s just filled with the shady sort of stores you don’t want to go to”.

Editor’s Note: By its very nature, Google was designed to become an echo chamber, thanks to the very algorithm that runs it. People are starting to see it for what it is. Far from our belief that Google is a consolidator of information, it is a huge marketing company that was willing to sell its “soul” to the highest bidder.

People must awaken to the fact that even if Google promises to be “impartial” and “not be evil”, these are just words for marketing. It means nothing for our individual and societal well-being. They have their own interests and they would do everything they feel they need to do to be able to achieve their corporate goals. This could also be said to other companies, and highlights the importance of critical thinking and learning to triangulate information [read SMART RESEARCH IN AN AGE OF DISINFORMATION AND A COLLAPSING PLANET].

If you still trust Google after reading the article below, then we need to tell you: your trust is misplaced.

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