May 30, 2024

In this October 21, 2023 article written by Peter Koenig for Global Research, he discussed the future of warfare and how advancements in neuroscience and technology are blurring the lines between the human brain and battlefield technologies. He highlights the development of brain-computer interfaces and the potential ethical and security concerns they raise. Koenig emphasizes the need for international regulations and ethical considerations in this emerging field to prevent misuse and safeguard individual rights and privacy.

Editor’s Note: Mind interference is a necessary technology for globalists because, without it, their plans are at risk once people start questioning. Look at how they failed to manipulate the world with their scamdemic, and how people are beginning to clamor for peace, instead of taking sides in a bloody war between countries. The globalists want to package brain technologies as the future of humankind, our only choice forward if we want to be able to “compete” with AI and machines. What they are not saying is that mind technologies have only one purpose: to take away our capacity to make decisions for ourselves, our free will.

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