July 22, 2024

The Agenda Behind The Push To Get Kids Addicted To Technology

The Agenda Behind The Push To Get Kids Addicted To Technology

In this September 14, 2023 article republished by The Defender, the Alliance for Natural Health International discusses the potential risks associated with the increasing use of digital technologies among young children. It highlights concerns about digital addiction, social disconnection, and the impact of technology on human relationships.

The article suggests that there may be a deliberate plan by big tech companies to create dependency on digital devices and control users through surveillance. It also explores the idea of implanting cellular communication devices in children, leading to a more virtual and transhuman future. The article calls for a greater awareness of the negative effects of digital technologies and the need to nurture real-world connections and a sense of humanness in children.

Editor’s Note: This article will begin to make sense if we think about the future that these transhumanists want to create – the Metaverse, one that is fully digital. We encourage you to read these articles from our sister website to gain a deeper understanding of the Metaverse, WEF LAUNCHES METAVERSE, PREDICTS DIGITAL LIVES WILL BECOME MORE MEANINGFUL THAN PHYSICAL LIVES, AUGMENTED REALITY PIONEERS WARN AGAINST METAVERSE, SAYS IT COULD BE WORSE THAN SOCIAL MEDIA, THE 2045 MOVEMENT AND THE MANY PATHS TOWARDS HUMAN IMMORTALITY, DIGITAL: IS THIS THE KIND OF FUTURE YOU WANT?.

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