June 15, 2024

CCH Now at the Senate to Protest SB 1869


The protest against SB 1869 is currently underway. Get updates by visiting our backup Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/cch1333.

Here are a few of the live streams on that page.

5 thoughts on “CCH Now at the Senate to Protest SB 1869

  1. Can anyone sue the c0ngr€$$ and the $€n@t€ for passing bills that violates the constitution? And other RA’s?
    Ps. I do not need you to publish this comment.
    Thank you very much for your patriotism and hard work!!!

  2. We need a strong signal against this abuse: we need one week national strike. They can get the WEF and its AI to work for them. No more lockdowns, lock-ins.

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