June 20, 2024

Why Are “They” Doing This To Us?: Toby Rogers Propose Eight Theories To Explain The Attack on Humanity


In this August 24, 2022 article, Toby Rogers offers eight theories to explain why “the globalists” are systematically attacking humanity. Here are those eight theories:

  1. It is profitable.
  2. The values of our current society are being shaped by those who have control over our modes of production.
  3. It is an immortality project.
  4. It is a symptom of mass formation. [Also read Mass formation psychosis responsible for society’s acceptance of illogical, unscientific, and unethical COVID restrictions].
  5. People are acquiescing to totalitarianism as a survival instinct.
  6. This is a continuation of eugenics.
  7. This is evil working in our societies.
  8. They are killing us because it is exciting.

Editor’s Note: This article shows us that if we only look at the available information with fresh eyes, we will see immediately that there are power structures in our societies that are working against the interest of the many.

If you have ever asked yourself: why are “they” doing this to us? Why are they killing and injuring people? Then we recommend you read Rogers’ full article. This will help you understand the interconnections and the extent of the crimes against humanity that have been condoned by our governments.

This article also shows us that the conspiracy against humanity goes beyond COVID and the experimental shots. It is an entire plan that spans generations. We may be winning today, but the structures that want to destroy our freedom and dignity are only biding their time.

We must now anticipate their next move by learning to “read the room”, so to speak. We must learn to look at the signs and to go beyond reacting to issues. We must begin by actively creating the society we want to be a part of, instead of just waiting for governments to determine the path forward.

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2 thoughts on “Why Are “They” Doing This To Us?: Toby Rogers Propose Eight Theories To Explain The Attack on Humanity

  1. “Genocide Solves Global Warming.”
    The vaccines have been given to about half of the most prosperous world population. If they ‘Fall Sick’ then they will not travel, & pay for medical treatment.
    Technologies have leapfrogged our capacity to manage their applications. WEF depends on their Golden Rule: Who has the Gold Makes the Rules.

    1. This is such an unfortunate fact. On the other hand, we think that we have also been programmed to believe this, in order to disempower the millions of people who “do not have the gold”. But history shows us that when people rise up to fight for the future they want, the globalists/deep state will have no choice but to back off. Our hope now is to awaken people of the New World Order being cooked up by the WEF and their conspirators. There are many ways to do this, as you shall discover in future articles on this website.

      Don’t lose hope, the road is long, but we are not alone in the fight.

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