May 30, 2024

Former HHS Adviser: Deep State Was Working Against Trump on COVID-19 Response


The following article was written by Harry Lee and Roman Balmakov and was published by The Epoch Times last May 1, 2022.

The article reports on the interview with Dr. Paul Alexander, former scientific adviser to Michael Caputo who was the assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

According to Alexander, the “swamp” or “deep state” was working against Trump’s COVID-19 policies by “using flawed data to tarnish him, locking down society, and keeping schools closed”. Alexander adds, “Can you imagine the president of the United States fighting against the [teachers’] union, fighting against the CDC [Center for Disease Control and Prevention], fighting against his own task force? They’re working against him. So you need to be there to understand when he said ‘the swamp’ – and he talked about ‘deep state’ – it is real. I dealt with them. It is the bureaucracy. The entrenched bureaucracy is real”.

Alexander also details in his interview how the different health agencies tweaked the data to “Make it look…terrible”.

Editor’s Note: Through this article was published in May 2022, it is even more relevant today as the plan for a New World Order is becoming revealed.

First, this article confirms that there is an institution within countries that has the capacity to overrule a democratically elected leader, even one who is the president of the most powerful nation in the world. If this happened in the US, there is no doubt that this “deep state” is also responsible for the lockdowns in various countries around the world.

Second, this article confirms that COVID was just the entry point of a much larger takeover plan. Why would this deep state manipulate data and enforce harmful policies if they didn’t plan to destroy societal institutions and install new ones that meet their agenda? Lockdowns, school closures, forced vaccination, and masking, were tests of how docile and servile people can get. They now know how powerful fear is at shutting down intelligence.

As new “emergencies” emerge, we encourage our readers to look at the patterns. You will immediately see the playbook they are using to gain control over societies. [Please watch Public Seminar Episode 49 to understand this better].

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