April 15, 2024

WEF Thinks There Are “Solid, Rational Reasons” To Implant Microchips In Kids


In this August 16, 2022 article published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Kathleen Philips, Vice President of Research and Development at Imec says that there are “compelling” arguments for microchipping humans.

Philips says that chip implants are a “part of a natural evolution that wearables once underwent”. She predicts that “implants will evolve into a commodity”. It will take hold first in medicine, and branch out to gaming, education, and business.

Philips adds, “The limits on implants are going to be set by ethical arguments rather than scientific capacity”. She then goes on to task governments to determine the ethical frameworks for using augmented reality technology.

Editor’s Note: Are you going to allow a chip to be implanted in your body and your children’s bodies?

While it is true that these implants could have some positive benefits for health care, Philips has neglected to mention their impacts on data privacy. Who will have access to the medical data collected by these microchips? What are the possible functionalities that will be added to these implants? Who will regulate its production? Will all humans have access to this technology? Will people truly have control over the functions of this technology?

If people do not realize the intelligence and unique capacities of the human body to heal itself, then it is easy to think that these microchips are our salvation. We hope that people remember: that their products were made for profit. The interest of its producers is to sell these products, not to cure your ailments. In the same way that modern medicine does not create true healing because the entire industry is reliant on your being sick to create profits, the profitability of these microchips is reliant on your dependence on them.

Do you really think that they will enable people to easily turn off these implants?

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