June 14, 2024

The future of COVID vaccines could be sprays, not shots


In this July 27, 2022 article for ABC News, Cheyenne Haslett reports that future COVID “vaccines” will not be injectibles, but rather, nasal spray or a patch to the skin for a few minutes.

Some of the future innovations for vaccines include:

  • A pan-coronavirus vaccine that protects equally against all variants
  • Vaccines that stop infections from happening

The suggestions were part of a health summit held at the White House last July 25, 2022. According to the report, the summit is not just a venue for sharing new technologies, but also a “pitch for lawmakers for substantial focus and investment”.

Editor’s Note: This COVID scamdemic has enabled governments to enact extraordinary measures that suspended civil liberties and good housekeeping within governmental organizations. It has allowed governments to procure experimental shots and roll them out without going through the regular process that ensures transparency and safety.

Now Big Pharma and their cohorts want to replicate the huge profit they were able to generate during the COVID scamdemic, hence, these proposals, which according to them would require lots of attention and financial resources. The question now is: should this become the priority of governments, knowing that a New World Order is coming?

Now, we must also consider the ethical implications of the new methods of delivering COVID shots. Accessibility and ease of delivery can be a double-edged sword that could be easily used against those who reject the “vaccine”.

How will the government ensure that these new technologies will respect the right of people who choose not to take the shots?

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