April 20, 2024

WHO Says Monkeypox Cases Triple In Two Weeks: Is This The Signal For A New Pandemic?


In a July 1, 2022 article published by CNBC, Spencer Kimball reports on the latest warnings released by the World Health Organization regarding monkeypox.

In a press briefing, Henri Kluge, the head of WHO Europe, called on governments to ramp up efforts to prevent monkeypox from taking hold on the continent. He said: “Urgent and coordinated action is imperative if we are to turn a corner in the race to reverse the ongoing spread of this disease”.

In light of this new development, Kluge said that the WHO will likely consider monkeypox a global health emergency.

Editor’s Note: Remember the article WHO: Monkeypox Not Yet A Global Emergency? There we reminded people about how in 2020, the WHO changed its tune after only a week of declaring that COVID was not yet a pandemic, and we thought that they would repeat the same thing for monkeypox. With the release of this new article, it looks like the WHO is still testing the waters to see how the public will react.

Are people still paralyzed with fear? Will the WHO’s credibility be compromised if they indeed declare another pandemic? These might be some questions that the WHO is considering before they manufacture another hysteria.

Remember: there is a 2024 Pandemic Treaty that they want to be signed, so they will try to prolong the panic to rationalize the existence of that treaty. But they must balance this with public sentiment. If they push too hard, they might lose the support of governments as citizens begin to speak out against this WHO power grab.

With this, it is now clear that it is our engagement that will decide whether monkeypox will become a pandemic or not. If people continue to be servants of medical authorities who serve other masters, they will continue with their plan. But if people wake up now, and say no to the medical tyranny, then this can end sooner than we think.

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