May 25, 2024

World Health Network Declares Monkeypox A Pandemic, Wants WHO To Follow Suit


The following article was released to the press last June 22, 2022. It was written by the World Health Network (WHN), composed of scientists calling themselves the Covid Action Group.

According to the group, they are declaring monkeypox a pandemic because “the accelerating growth across multiple continents, and the need for a concerted action to stop it, meets both the criteria and the essential purpose, for declaration of a pandemic. Concerted global action is needed”.

The group says that if the world acts now, governments will only need to “require clear public communication about symptoms, widely available testing, and contact tracing with very few quarantines”. They also add that currently, the spread of monkeypox is among adults, but if it spread among children, it will “lead to much more severe cases and more deaths”. They add, “Infections of animals, especially rats and other rodents, but also pets, will make it much more difficult to stop”.

The WHN announcement comes ahead of the World Health Organization meeting to decide on the health designation of monkeypox scheduled on June 23, 2022.

Editor’s Note: Who are the people behind the WHN and what gives them the capacity to pressure the WHO into declaring monkeypox as a pandemic? If we look at the members of their team, two are epidemiologists, and one is a professor in immunology. But there is no one on this team who is an infectious disease expert or an immunologist. Moreover, Covid Action Group (CAG) is a partner organization of EndCoronavirus.Org, which is currently petitioning the CDC to reinstate the mask-wearing guidance, and ZeroCovid, which is pushing for the total elimination of COVID from society. That should already give you an idea about what kind of position the members of the CAG are taking with regard to COVID policies.

Moreover, CAG is under another organization called the New England Complex Systems Institute which utilizes advanced analytics in its research. This means that the members of this organization are once again, using non-transparent data modeling to “estimate” the possible impact of monkeypox – the same failed strategy utilized by governments in deciding to use lockdowns to control COVID.

Based on the NECSI’s website, we get a clear idea of the organization’s worldview. They believe that the world’s societal problems can be reduced by statistics and that the discovery of patterns in society through data analytics will also help solve the problem.

Can you guess who the funders are of this organization? Here are some of the organizations they named on the website: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, The World Bank, Microsoft Research, and Group Health Cooperative.

If you have read enough articles on this website, then you would already understand that the WHN is not an ally. These are people who want to re-hash the unprecedented stupidity that gave way to medical martial law in many countries around the world.

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