June 16, 2024

Canada Proposes Law To Regulate User-Generated Content


The following article was written by Did Rankovic and was published by Reclaim the Net last June 20, 2022.

In it, Rankovic reports on the developments relating to Canada’s Online Streaming Act, wherein criticisms about the bill are not being heard and arguments are being invalidated as “misinformation”.

In its current form, the bill gives the government regulatory powers over online content, blurring the line between content creators and user-generated content which is considered as “opinion” and is constitutionally protected speech.

Editor’s Note: As the internet has been a major driver of citizen awakening during the scamdemic, it is no surprise that governments are warning to control online content.

We recommend you read this article by Ramneet Bhullar to understand the impacts of passing this online censorship bill into law.

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