May 28, 2024

In this June 14, 2022 article for the Brownstone Institute, David Bell discusses the rise of fascism in public health and how it can affect societies. Bell worked for the World Health Organization and as Programme Head at the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics in Geneva.

Bell goes on to “call a spade a ‘spade’” and drop truth bombs that the mainstream refuses to acknowledge. Here are some of them:

  • Public health professions and associations that represent them call for active discrimination and coercion over medical choice.
  • Hospitals refused transplants and family access to dying loved ones until they accept injections.
  • Rather than put people first, some public health physicians say that their main role is to implement instructions from the government.
  • They have decided that discrimination, stigma, and suppression of minorities are acceptable to “protect” a majority.

Editor’s Note: Public health today has lost its way. Far from protecting the well-being of citizens, it has become a sales outlet for Big Pharma companies and a tool for fascism.

In the same way that we, regular citizens must make time for introspection so that we can find the courage to speak out against the wrongs being done to our fellow, Bell calls on his colleagues to do the same. He says, “If we do not support fascism, we can cease to be its instrument. We could achieve this simply by following the fundamental ethics and principles on which our professions are based”.

We simply must remember that we are humans. When faced with a difficult decision, we must ask ourselves: which will help enhance human rights and dignity and which one doesn’t?

This is difficult for some because sometimes what is good for the community of humans might align with what we want for ourselves. But this is exactly what we must learn. If we are to make societies better for EVERYONE, then it has to be grounded on collective goals and values. Anything else beyond these is fascism.

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