April 17, 2024

Lawsuit filed to protect Americans from discrimination based on vaccination status


In a bid to protect Americans from mandatory vaccination mandates, The Control Group, represented by Greg Glaser and Ray Flores filed a court petition last January 25, 2021 for declaratory and injunctive relief. According to the petitioners, non-vaccinated individual were healthier than those who were vaccinated. They also say that vaccines are a primary suspect for the pandemic of chronic diseases and disorders in the US.

Additionally, the petitioners say that all vaccines are experimental, and that they contain neurotoxins that have never been proven safe. Statistics they presented also showed that the decline in disease mortality in the US have occurred prior to vaccines.

The website attached below contains the case documents filed by the petitioners.

Editor’s Note: Vaccination should always be a personal prerogative. It should never be made as condition for availing of services and opportunities from the government and businesses. Accepting mandatory vaccination, vaccination passports, and peer pressure are all a violation of national and international laws and our inalienable right to have full control over our own bodies. [Also read THE VACCINE DELUSION, PART 1: CBCP Pro-Vaccine Decision Huge Mistake. Vaccines will Not Remove Lockdowns. Ignores Reports of Thousands of COVID-19 Vaccine Serious Injuries Including Death]

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