June 16, 2024

653 deaths, 12,044 injuries, but COVID vaccination continues


In this February 12, 2021 report by The Defender, 653 people in the US have died after receiving a COVID vaccine. This is a smaller subset of 12, 697 individuals who have received adverse effects from the jab. Utilizing the data from the Center for Disease Control and Preventions’ Vaccine Adverse Even Reporting System (CDC VAERS), the report also shows that 208 out of the 12,697 or 1.64% of all who experienced an adverse reaction have developed a permanent disability. Meanwhile, 486 or 3.69% of the 12,697 were life threatening adverse effects. The report adds, “clinical trials suggests that almost all the benefits of COVID vaccination and the vast majority of injuries were associated with the second dose”.

So far, only Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been granted Emergency Use Authorization in by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Defender article calls for complete transparency and the release of all data from the vaccine clinical trials. They also call for the suspension of inoculation for any group that has not been represented in the clinical trials, including the elderly, the immuno-compromised, and those with comorbities.

Editor’s Note: In 1976, another bid for mass vaccination was launched in the US [read this article from the History Channel to see the parallelisms between the 1976 Swine Flu Snafu and the 2020 COVID scamdemic, When the US Government Tried to Fast-Track a Flu Vaccine]. But it soon fell apart after three elderly people died after getting vaccinated [1]https://www.nytimes.com/1976/10/13/archives/swine-flu-prograrm-is-halted-in-9-states-as-3-die-after-shots.html and several vaccine recipients developed Guillian-Barre. Meanwhile, COVID vaccinations continue despite the staggering number of deaths and vaccine injuries. What is the difference between 1976 and 2020?

For one, in 1976, the pandemic narrative collapsed when few people were contracting and dying of the disease. In 2020, we had the RT-PCR which raised the number of false positives, giving people the impression that the epidemic is real, even though only less than 1% of individuals below 70 years are dying FROM COVID-19 [also remember that there is a controversy on the way COVID deaths are recorded Lessons we can learn from COVID-19 autopsies].

Second, in 1976, the media was not part of the scheme. Reports were somewhat factual, and scientists who were offering alternative insights to the epidemic had a platform to discuss their findings. In 2020, Big Tech companies have taken over and instituted a massive ban on alternative views. A huge smear campaign has been launched which labeled all ideas that oppose the mainstream view as “misinformation”. Many corporate media outlets have ignored other scientists and have granted exclusive airtime to the same people who have pushed the  deadly virus narrative, and need for lockdowns, masking, and vaccines.

If we look exclusively at the data of COVID-19, then we will see how illogical all these attempts are of massive vaccination. In the Philippines, for example, our government is using vaccine as a condition for reopening of schools and the rest of society, when there is no science showing that vaccines can achieve long term immunity. Indeed, none of the experimental vaccines being rolled out today were created to stop infection and transmission [see Vaccinated people can still get infected with COVID-19Moderna chief medical officer: No hard evidence showing vaccine can stop spread of virusFauci: Early COVID-19 vaccines will only prevent symptoms, not block infectionOperation Warp Speed chief adviser: We don’t know if people can spread COVID after vaccination].Moreover, our population does not need the vaccine. Already without the vaccine, 92% of Filipinos who contract the virus recover. 94% experience mild to no symptoms at all. Furthermore, people below 69 years old and below have 99.99% chance of surviving [see CDC updates planning scenarios, shows IFR lower than flu, ]. Why would any government wish to inoculate its people with an experimental vaccine that has no long-term safety data? Even more surprisingly, why would governments agree to deals that would indemnify vaccine manufacturers for future injuries [read Governments are signing secret vaccine deals]?

Either these governments are lead by people who are incompetent and so deeply fearful, or these leaders are actually gaining something from this mass vaccination program. Either way, they are manipulating people into submission and their weapon of choice is fear [see Fear appeal: The science of using fear to manipulate people into submission].

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