May 26, 2024

New York bill proposes removal and detention of people with contagious diseases


New York assemblyman Noah Nicholas Perry introduced recently a bill that will amend the New York public health law. In the proposed amendment, when the governor has declared a public health emergency, the government will have the power to remove and detain cases, contacts, and carriers who are or may be a danger to public health. The bill allows for the detention of persons for 60 days in a facility delegated by the governor.

According to Cody Anderson, chairman of the New York Libertarian Party, the bill offered a “clear and direct path to unconstitutional and indefinite detainment”. Perry insists that his bill has “no intent, no plan, or provisions…to take away, or violate any rights, or liberties”.

Editor’s Note: If a bill like this is passed, how can governments be sure that it will not be abused? Without this bill, governments have been able to institute lockdowns and control mobility, even without scientific data to prove their necessity. While the intention behind this bill is to protect the general population from infectious disease, our experience of the COVID panic and the ensuing unfounded restrictions shows us that governments cannot yet be fully trusted to safeguard our natural right to freedom.

NY Democrat introduces bill allowing gov to 'order the removal,' detention of people with contagious diseases

NY Democrat introduces bill allowing gov to ‘order the removal,’ detention of people with contagious diseases

The New York Libertarian Party is speaking out against the bill

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