May 29, 2024

UK drug regulator: People with life-threatening allergic reactions to vaccine or food should not get vaccinated


In a December 10, 2020 report for Evening Standard, Luke O’Reilly reveals that two NHS workers suffered anaphylactoid reaction shortly after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Both workers are recovering after appropriate treatment for the condition. 

Experts say that anaphylactic reactions are common among new vaccines. Peter Openshaw, past president of the British Society for Immunology said that it was important to put the risk in perspective.

Editor’s Note: It is surprising how pro-vaccine “experts” are now trying to downplay the adverse side effects of the vaccine when several months ago, they have been trying to create panic with blanket statements such as “the virus causes long term damage”, “children die of COVID-19”, and “people can get reinfected with the SARS-CoV-2” when these were also rare occurrences. Now experts are asking us to “put the risk in perspective”, and we are expected to follow suit, when a few months ago, saying the same words would earn you a burning at the stake. 

Most people who hesitate/reject the COVID vaccine raise the issue of vaccine safety. Now that the adverse reactions have started, pro-vaccine “experts” are shrugging off our concerns instead of  acknowledging our right to decide what goes into our own bodies.

Warning as two NHS workers have allergic reactions to Pfizer Covid jab

Warning as two NHS workers have allergic reactions to Pfizer Covid jab

The UK’s drug regulator says anyone with a history of “significant” allergic reactions to food, medicine or vaccines should not currently receive the jab

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