May 26, 2024

Doctors: No global pandemic, COVID-19 vaccines not safe


Twenty (20) doctors and medical professionals from around the world released this 28-minute video to express their resistance against the use of new COVID-19 vaccines on humans. In their statements, the doctors repeat that there is no real medical pandemic which requires the need to develop a new vaccine. Moreover, the doctors say that the new COVID vaccines are not safe, as it has not undergone animal trials and there is no long-term data for safety. Some of the doctors also explain the possible long-term effects of the vaccine.

Some of the notable speakers in the video include Dr. Andrew Kaufman from the US, Dr. Hilde De Smet from Belgium, Dr. Elizabeth Evans from UK, Dr. Vernon Coleman from UK, Prof. Dolores Cahill from Ireland, Dr. Ralf Sundberg from Sweden, Dr. Piotr Rubas from Poland, Dr. Nour De San from France, Dr. Heiko Santelman from Germany, and Dr. Elle F. de Klerk from Netherlands. The video is currently being disseminated through Facebook, and is displayed with the “false information” tag.

Editor’s Note: The doctors in the video are telling us that the vaccine is not safe, but instead of dwelling on the dangers, they calmly explain some of the known facts about coronavirus vaccines, and why none has been developed until today. They ask us to research on our own, so that we may know the truth. All the information that the doctors mentioned in the video can be found online, or you can use this website to verify some of their points.

It is clear that these doctors knew that their video statements will be blocked by Big Tech, and hence, began it with the words: “Share. Download. Reupload.” And we know that citizens have been sharing the video by reuploading on their own accounts, as well as sending messages to family and friends. People now know that censorship is real, and that social media offers only one narrative. Many are fighting back by ensuring that the information will reach as many people as possible.

The video below is now hosted on this website. Please share to as many friends as you can.

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2 thoughts on “Doctors: No global pandemic, COVID-19 vaccines not safe

  1. Thank you, warriors for the Truth and for helping to sustain viable life and human consciousness on planet Earth.

    1. I agree with you Ann. I have not done any research, but a trusted friend of mine does a lot of research. Lots. What she finds she usually sends the info. to me. I have been buried in websites. Only bad part is, I get very depressed after reading this stuff. It is sad that are so many.people in the government who basically want to be all powerful over all of us! There is only one who has that power!! And these fanatic, if you will, are willing to put our lives, & our future generations lives on the line.

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