May 30, 2024

Mainstream media backpedals, says same insights Dr. Scott Atlas has been saying six months ago


In this article published on November 11, 2020 by The Federalist, Joy Pullman shines a spotlight on the irresponsible reporting done by mainstream media when it sought to demolish the credentials of experts like Dr. Scott Atlas who has been vocal against extended lockdowns, masks, and herd immunity. Pullman says that Dr. Atlas may have been a prominent face for the view he represents, but thousands of other experts support his theories. She also says that it was unethical for critics to call for the revocation of the licenses of doctors who promote an alternative view of COVID-19, when they were only engaging in the scientific process.

Pullman also summarizes some of the latest available knowledge about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. She says evidence supporting focused protection (as proposed by the Great Barrington Declaration) is mounting. Pullman also says that even New York Times is now backpedaling some of the statements it made in the early part of the “pandemic” as new articles about the re-opening of schools, immune response to SARS-CoV-2, and herd immunity have started to be published by the corporate media outfit. cite the articles from new york times

Editor’s Note: Pullman’s article seems to echo Nicanor’s new article, Ending the COVID-19 “Scamdemic”. It can also be a summary of a number of discoveries we made in the past 8 months we have been writing on this website.

With the publication of the Great Barrington Declaration came a barrage of new researches showing that governments have mishandled this pandemic. There is no denying that the solutions they have implemented have caused much greater harms than the virus itself. The vaccine is the last ditch attempt to finally “end” the virus in their terms, a way for them who politicized and misled the public, to escape accountability. But thanks to various mass actions around the world, these people will be held accountable for their lies.

Left Attacks Scott Atlas For Saying Same Things About COVID NYT Does

Left Attacks Scott Atlas For Saying Same Things About COVID NYT Does

Elites seek to destroy Scott Atlas because the scientific coalition he represents makes it clear that these public health emperors have no clothes.

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