May 25, 2024

New York gym owners file lawsuit against governor


The New York Fitness Coalition has filed a class action suit against Gov. Andrew Cuomo for “forcing gyms and restaurants to operate at reduced capacity, cancelling youth sports, and limiting in-person education”. Gym owners say that Cuomo’s chosen pandemic response has hurt the economic and mental health of New Yorkers.

Similar lawsuits have been filed against the governors of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Editor’s Note: As more and more people awaken to the hype surrounding lockdowns and other COVID-19 restrictions, government authorities will be forced to face the consequences of their decisions. These class action law suits are important because it makes decision makers accountable for the impact of their decisions. It is not enough that they make such choices “for the benefit of the people”. They must also consider the science, and create cost-benefit analyses which considers all aspects of society.

Our governments have failed to consider our well being when they decided to impose lockdowns. Now it is time for us to take them to task. Their ignorance and incompetence is unforgivable. They cannot just say “sorry” and move on from there. Lives have been lost, and many more are bound to suffer because they allowed fear to rule their good sense.

New York gym owner suing Cuomo to allow reopening: 'Are we supposed to go broke?'

New York gym owner suing Cuomo to allow reopening: ‘Are we supposed to go broke?’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is “destroying everything” with his coronavirus lockdowns, a gym owner suing the state to reopen told Fox News Radio on Monday.

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