September 25, 2023

Canadian doctors back localized approach, not sweeping lockdowns to control COVID-19


The following is an open letter signed by 20 doctors and professors of medicine from faculties at the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and University of Ottawa. The letter urges Premier Doug Ford to adopt a tactical localized approach to deal with rising COVID cases in Ontario.

The authors remind the authorities that increasing cases are not necessarily a concern as it does not immediately translate to unmanageable levels of hospitalizations and ICU admissions. The increase in cases at this time are among individuals aged below 60, the same individuals who are unlikely to become severely ill due to the disease.

The authors also assert that sweeping lockdowns have social costs which have not been factored in. They say that extensive morbidity has been experienced by those whose surgeries have been cancelled. In some jurisdictions, overdoses have risen by as much as 40% as patients have avoided visit to doctors and have tried to self medicate.

The doctors also say that it is time for increased open debate in the public sphere so that other voices, and all points of view from society may also be heard.

Editor’s Note: Several health professionals have taken to the internet to call on their governments for the lifting of COVID-19 restriction and the opening of public debate regarding the impact of the government’s chosen interventions. It is amazing, that a usually quiet sector in society is now in the forefront reminding to fulfill its tasks – to listen to all stakeholders in society, and to develop a solution that is balanced.

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