June 16, 2024

Filipino doctors: Lift all lockdowns and allow our people to begin to rebuild their lives


The following is a unity statement crafted by several concerned doctors and citizens in the Philippines. In it, they tell the country’s president, Rodrigo Duterte, that there is a solution to the coronavirus. They said, “We now know that the best immediate solution for the Philippines is a dramatically effective, safe, inexpensive, readily available, evidence-based intervention focusing on early treatment and home-care quarantine for most patients and prophylaxis for high-risk individuals such as our front-liners”.

By adopting a national protocol for the prophylaxis and early treatment of COVID-19, the group says that it is now possible to reduce hospitalization and prevent loss of lives without lockdowns and other oppressive covid-19 policies.

Editor’s Note: The doctors have said it: COVID-19 is preventable and treatable. There is no need for draconian measures to control SARS-CoV-2 – our medical communities now have the capacity to address the disease with confidence. Governments need only follow their recommendation, which is based on evidence, and science.

Experts speak up on the truth about COVID-19

Doctors and experts are awakening to the dangers of COVID-related fear-mongering. Many have taken steps to mitigate the panic. Here are a few of them. [see Recommendation for physicians and authorities for the treatment of COVID-19, also read about how doctors from different countries are awakening to the dangers of prolonged lockdowns and other COVID-19 restrictions, see xx].

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