May 29, 2024

10,000+ gather in London to protest COVID-19 restrictions


Thousands have gathered at London’s Trafalgar Square to protest measures implemented by the government to curb COVID-19 infections. 

The protesters which united under the banner “Unite for Freedom” are voicing our their concerns on the restrictions on movement, mandatory wearing of face masks, and the possibility of universal vaccination.
Key speakers at the even include David Icke and Piers Corbyn.

Editor’s Note: Attendance to the protest is significant. And yet, there is no real news coverage of the concerns being raised by the protesters. 

What is clear, based on the Independent article cited below is that freedom of speech and the right to assembly is being sacrificed in the name of “covid control”.

Notice the languaging utilized by the Independent article, and compare it with 17,000+ gather in Berlin to protest against COVID-19 restrictions to discover how media is actively suppressing important milestones on citizen action related to the coronavirus. [Also read, Study: People who cross-check claims of mainstream media on COVID-19 get branded as “conspiracy theorists“].

In contrast to the Independent article below, we would like to cite a Metro article covering the same gathering, in order to highlight how some mainstream media is consistently downplaying the importance of these protests. Read

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