May 26, 2024

In this article by Makia Freeman reveals the 11 assumptions about COVID-19 that are based on fear, not facts. Here are the false assumptions about the coronavirus:

  1. The method of counting COVID deaths are accurate and sensible. 
  2. The RT-PCR test is accurate.
  3. The antibody test for COVID is accurate. 
  4. COVID case infections are rising. 
  5. Imaging screening for COVID-19 is accurate. 
  6. Asymptomatic individuals spread the coronavirus.
  7. Implementing restrictive measures in schools will stop the spread of COVID. 
  8. Governments should take the kids of infected parents. 
  9. Social distancing is backed  by evidence. 
  10. Mask wearing is backed by solid evidence. 
  11. Viruses are indiscriminate killers. 

Editor’s Note: It is easy to confirm the points of this article – a quick search on the internet, or even this website will yield numerous results.

We wish to highlight an important insight from this article. It is easy to “listen to the experts” because then, we don’t need to take on the responsibility to prove our point. The problem with this is that experts are not always correct. This is the reason why in science, there are peer reviewers, critics, and replication of researches is a norm. The cancel culture proliferating online has made it so that science became a matter of belief and a contest of influence, popularity, and acceptability. 

Whether you accept that the 11 assumptions discussed by Freeman are true or not, the reality is that COVID has become a tool for propaganda and coercion. Your personal freedoms are at risk, and the society we have created is in the brink of destruction. Are you willing to lose all these in exchange for your “safety”? [Read END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us to discover how you can fight back]. 

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