May 30, 2024

Mandatory masking interferes with personal autonomy


The imposition of province-wide masking for indoor spaces interferes with personal autonomy. This is the position set out by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms. The Center maintains that there people who are unable to wear masks safely due to physical or psychological illnesses. Moreover, the Center points out that even the WHO says that the use of masks is not supported by scientific evidence, and that it cannot be applied universally as it has benefits and harms that must be carefully considered. 

Editor’s Note: We are repeating the same mistakes we made with lockdowns as countries around the world are pushing for mandatory masking requirements. Again, we fail to look at the science and we allow fear to guide our decisions. Moreover, we forget to consider the individuals who are negatively affected by this decision.

Just because it doesn’t affect us doesn’t mean that this decision is low-impact. We have to realize that for some people like those with asthma and PTSD, mandatory making can be debilitating. We must remember how our failure to consider long-term impacts of lockdowns adversely affected our children [read 10 million children may never return to school after coronavirusFinland schools reopening a success, and Overcome the fear: Sign petition to end lockdowns of children and the youth to understand the extent of the concern]. Let us not be blindsided again by mandatory masking.

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