June 16, 2024

In this March 26, 2020 article, Marcia Freeman says that the coronavirus hysteria was fueled by governments and mainstream media, and is currently being exploited to further a new global agenda. With our established rights and freedoms already under attack, Freeman says that we need to adjust our responses to the actual threat posed by the coronavirus. She then proceeds to identify the six scientific reasons which shows that our coronavirus responses are over-reactions.

These are the six scientific reasons identified by Freeman:

  1. The UK Expert Health Panel downgraded the classification of COVID-19. It is no longer a high consequence infectious disease, but mainstream media has remained mum on this news.
  2. Worldwide COVID-19 death rates is far below the annual death rate for the ordinary flu.
  3. Italy’s death count is highly skewed [see Fatality Rates In Italy Are Misleading]
  4. The RT-PCR test used to detect the coronavirus is flawed [read Faulty COVID-19 Tests: Why Prisoners Love Their Jailers And Never-Ending Lockdowns]
  5. 80% of COVID-19 cases are false positives.
  6. There is no solid evidence that it is the new coronavirus that is causing people to be sick.

Editor’s Note: The coronavirus panic has singlehandedly destroyed the progress we have created in our societies. It has reversed human development and is threatening to children’s future. In several countries such as the Philippines, governments insist on vaccines before societies can return to normal. In others, lockdowns are being used to control populations and prevent dissent.

In order to fully understand what is happening, we must look beyond the virus, towards our societies. Are the interventions implemented by our governments worth the trouble they caused? Do they help us create a just and equitable world? Do they uphold values that nurture our humanity? If they don’t then why do we still support them? Is the promise of physical health greater than our desire to live a meaningful life?

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