July 24, 2024

A look inside Danish classrooms

A look inside Danish classrooms

Being one of the first countries to re-open its schools, Denmark has become a model for many European countries that are still hesitating to lift lockdowns. Barely a month in, people are the world are asking, how are children in Denmark faring? 

This 3-minute video from BBC shows us that school may have resumed in Denmark, but is far from normal. Social distancing is observed both in classrooms and in the playground, and children are required to wash their hands regularly.

Editor’s Note: Allowing children to go back to school has many benefits, both for the children, as well as their families. It improves the child’s mental health, and enables children to continue learning and developing despite these unprecedented times. In addition, it improves the child’s immune system, and hastens the formation of collective immunity.

It is heart warming to see children playing and having fun together, despite the restrictions. The sense of normalcy we afford our children also gives us hope that things will get better. 

But the video added here is not meant to just warm our hearts. There are also several observations we would like to point out. First, one will notice that no one in the schools were wearing face masks. If this was essential in preventing the spread of the virus, why isn’t this practiced in Danish schools? [New evidence against the use of face masks are coming to light. We shall post articles on these soon]. 

Second, the teachers said they wanted to create classes so that the children will no longer worry about the virus, but then later on mentioned that the children were not worrying about the virus at all. Could this mean that our children’s definition of “well being” is different from our own? 

Third, it was mentioned in the video that some parents were hesitant to send their children back on the first week of school re-opening, but school authorities say that there has been no problem so far after weeks of reopening. Could this mean that our fears of our children getting infected with the coronavirus and becoming seriously ill are unfounded [see Why Is The Coronavirus Sparing Kids?]

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