June 14, 2024

Austrian minister denounces the use of fear-based strategy to deal with COVID-19


In this 16-minute address to the Austrian government, Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl denounces the strategy used by the country in dealing with COVID-19. He says that the country’s leaders are capitalizing on fear, to the effect of curtailing the freedoms of its citizens, which in turn has lead to the destruction of its economy and the thriving social system they once had. 

Kickl reminds the audience of previous pronouncements of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor about Sweden’s approach. He also highlights the reality that despite not imposing a lockdown, Sweden has not experienced the catastrophic projections used as a basis for Austria’s lockdown policy.

Kickl says that Sweden’s experience is proof that another approach to COVID-19 could have been made. He adds that the government should not make exceptional situations, such as COVID-19, in defining a new normal. 

He further denounces the role of the media in eliminating opposition to the Chancellor’s approach, painting an image of people such as himself as heretics, lacking of sound mind, or having the worst intentions.

Editor’s Note: There are very few political leaders like Herbert Kickl who would oppose a mainstream approach like a lockdown for fear of backlash [The good news is that Kickl is not alone in his view. We shall add more articles on this in the next days]. And yet, he raises very valid points which are applicable not only in Austria, but in every other locked down country in the world

Whenever we talk about the Swedish approach, people would always raise the 3,000+ COVID-19 deaths in the country [data as of writing]. But no one would mention about the projected 100,000+ deaths without a lockdown [as discussed by Kickl in the video]. Why is there such a discrepancy between the projection and the actual data of COVID-19 cases [this is one point raised by Nicanor in his blog post Death Rate, Science, Lockdown, Fear, the “New Normal”, Vaccines, Social Control and the Immune System]? Why isn’t Sweden’s health care system overwhelmed as was projected? Is Sweden’s death rate really so exceptional when compared to countries that have implemented lockdowns? 

There is one thing that comes to mind why there are so many articles today claiming that the Swedish approach is a failure. If Sweden continues to control infection rates in the country without sacrificing its economy, it will be proof that lockdowns around the world would’ve been for nought.  It will also bring into question the models being used to project the impact of the pandemic, and by extension, the worldview that has brought about this model.

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