June 25, 2024

Purpose of this website

An illness of the body is always the outer expression and translation of a disorder, a disharmony in the inner being; unless this inner disorder is healed, the outer cure cannot be total and permanent.

Sri Aurobindo

The task of this website is to shed light on the opportunities COVID-19 creates.

These opportunities are not so apparent. By contrast, the dangers of COVID-19 are clear, loud, and urgent.

But, for every crisis, there is an opportunity.

COVID-19 is a wake-up call to humanity. COVID-19 is sounding three wake-up calls or challenges to humanity.

If we want to respond, we will have to understand that accepting a call means undertaking a journey to find the answer to that call.

Journey Into Three Cognitive Terrains

We will journey through three cognitive terrains. Mastering each terrain will be a creative answer to the three calls of COVID-19 to humanity.

Each of us will translate these calls in diverse ways. Since these terrains are large epistemic terrains, we hope that these wide-ranging terrains will be able to hold and integrate diverse responses to the call of COVID-19.

If we truly listen to each other and understand these calls of COVID-19, we will advance individually, collectively, and globally.

We will create new individual behaviors and societal structures as humanity crosses the threshold to a higher, more benign, and sustainable evolutionary possibility.

We invite readers from around the world to journey with us into the unfamiliar yet more truthful and authentic territory.

Begin the Journey. Face the Dominant Power in the Beginning Terrain

We start our journey with the first call in the realm of the beginning terrain. The dominant power in this terrain is the prevailing widespread belief in the Germ Theory of Disease.

This is the belief that rules our world today.

Our journey will consist of overcoming this power that enslaves the mind of humanity.

We aspire to journey from an unhealthy, almost addictive focus on pathogens to a greater understanding of the amazing power of our immune system to stop COVID-19 dead in its tracks.

At the end of this journey, we will have a clear understanding of how to hold, in balance and harmony, the apparently competing focus on pathogens in the context of the immune system.

Our Integral Understanding

We can express this harmonization and integration as follows.

The gravity of a pandemic depends on: a) the virulence of the pathogen; and b) the prevailing strength of the immune system of individuals and collectively as a country. The virus spreads faster when people’s immune systems are weak and/or compromised by pre-existing illnesses.

With this the first call becomes clear. Appreciate, include but move beyond a simplistic understanding of pandemics as basically dealing with pathogens. We need to also understand the deep, more profound role our immune system plays in a pandemic, individually (natural immunity) and as a whole (collective immunity).

In mainstream media, collective immunity is branded as “herd immunity”. We prefer to use the term “collective immunity”. Humans are not higher forms of animals. We have a more profound nature, which we will unveil in the weeks and months to come.

The virus cannot be eliminated by government decree.

If humanity does not attain collective immunity, there will always be a resurgence of the virus, a second wave of infections.

Two Goals

Pursuing and attaining two goals allow us to journey safely in and through the beginning of the three challenging terrains.

The first goal is to demonstrate the importance of the human immune system in the transmission and cure of COVID-19.

The second goal is to show that our inner condition, including our mindset and emotions, is vital to the functioning of our immune system. This complements the usual practices of strengthening our immune systems with healthy food, good rest, sunlight, and others.

The Framework of the Journey

There is a crying need to understand the workings of our immune system because, in the end, no amount of lockdown, social distancing, and isolation can stop any virus.

The virus cannot be eliminated by government decree.

If humanity does not attain collective immunity, there will always be a resurgence of the virus, a second wave of infections.

In the end, the buck of infection will stop on the strength of our immune systems.


Design of the Website

We will unveil the substance of the website phase-by-phase, call-by-call, not all at once.

We want our readers to realize that reading the articles in phase sequence is very important.

Because we are traveling an integral journey, the earlier phase creates the knowledge base for understanding the next phase of the journey and helps us avoid premature bias and prejudgment.

In the process, we will shatter many belief systems that can no longer account for the phenomena we are facing.

In their place we will articulate, on the basis of experience, a more comprehensive worldview that will shed greater light on COVID-19 and much else besides.

In the process, we will also take with us whatever truth in the older belief systems can survive critical scrutiny.

Let us journey together

We invite you to journey with us. Stay with us.

The roller coaster ride through the different belief systems can be emotionally challenging as one dies and another is born.

We will need each other. 

Then, you and I, together, will understand the world much better.

With this understanding, awakened by the calls of COVID-19, we can all contribute our part in creating a better and healthier world.