The significance of host resistance

How can herd immunity stop the spread of the coronavirus?

While it is horrifying to think of, it is important for us to understand why several governments are refusing to implement lockdowns. There is, in fact, sound science that backs up this move.  In this article for the MIT Technology Review, Antonio Regalado explains what herd immunity is and why it is important in breaking an […]

Integral Theory of Health

Gregg Braden: Our bodies know how to fight COVID-19

This 3-minute video is a part of a longer interview between Gregg Braden and London Real. In this interview, Braden says that our bodies are not a product of random evolution. Instead, the millions of years of evolution have prepared our bodies so that we can thrive in an age of illness such as today. Braden stresses […]

Psycho-Neuro Immunology

Here’s why you must avoid stress during this time of COVID-19

Stress, loneliness, and the lack of sleep can make you susceptible to COVID-19, says associate professor Christopher Fagundes. According to Fagundes, these factors could compromise the immune system and lead to the overproduction of proinflammatory cytokines. What does this mean exactly for our health? The field of psychoimmunology highlights the connection between our physical and mental […]

Central importance of avoiding fear Inner conditioning Psycho-Neuro Immunology

Panic increases the risk for COVID-19

In this article for Psychology Today, Alane Daugherty explains the connection between our emotional and physical health. Daugherty says that unrelenting stress, anxiety, and depression reduces our immune system’s capacity to fight against viruses and could lead to greater susceptibility to COVID-19.  Daugherty also offers some suggestions on how we can calm our nerves, and improve […]

The science of washing hands

Why is handwashing important?

In this article for the Smithsonian Magazine, Katherine Wu dives in-depth to the importance of hand washing. Even though it sounds inconsequential, there is a science behind this activity. As it turns out, the SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 can be killed by a good wash of water and soap.

Boost your immune system

Your immune system: the best defense against COVID-19

We must live a healthy lifestyle if we wish to protect ourselves from COVID-19. In this article for the World Economic Forum, Phil Cain says that because there are no vaccine for the coronavirus yet, our immune systems must adapt unaided to this potential threat. To boost our immune system, Cain recommends abstinence from smoking and […]

Inner conditioning

Taking care of your mind and body can help ward off COVID-19

More than hand washing, wearing masks, and self-quarantine, there are also various ways we can protect our physical and mental health. In this article written by Sandy Clarke for The Star, she adds five more suggestions on how we can reduce our anxieties and worries during this uncertain time.

Covid&Climate Emergency

A great danger awaits Africa

The following article was written in February 2020 by Kaan Devecioglu, long before the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. In it, Devecioglu analyzes the possible effects of the pandemic in Africa, and why it can lead to more drastic impact to the continent compared to others. For Devecioglu, the economic and societal damage will be […]

Covid&Climate Emergency

Why the next pandemic will come from wildlife

Long before the novel coronavirus, David Quammen already foresaw that a new pandemic will arise, and he also predicted that it will come from wildlife. The article attached below written by Quammen for Yale Environment 360 in 2012 explains why he thinks that zoonotic diseases can crossover to humans and explores the possible impacts of such an […]


Could the novel coronavirus end globalization?

As countries around the world impose restrictions on domestic and international travels, we are beginning to see the impacts to the global economy. Factories have closed, global supply chains are disrupted, and many industries are losing income by the day. Is this paving the way for a new economic system?  In this article for the World […]