Lessons learned Is a lockdown necessary?

Science has spoken: End the lockdown

We agree that the lockdown was a choice that could not be avoided at the beginning of the pandemic. But we knew from the very beginning that lockdown is temporary. It was never meant to eradicate the coronavirus, nor was it designed as a long-term approach. But here we are in the Philippines, three months […]

Individual & Collective Actions

END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us

AUTHORITIES REJECT SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE COVID-19 is not that deadly. The scientific evidence is clear. But many world leaders do not want to face the truth. Let us stop wasting our time appealing to ears that do not listen and eyes that refuse to see. Instead let us challenge ourselves to take action now to end […]

Philippine Developments

Google data showing Filipinos are staying at home

In this article by Ian Nicholas Cigaral for Philippine Star, he reports the data on the mobility of Filipinos during the community quarantine in the Philippines. Using mobility data collected by Google and Apple (this is collected from phones that had their location services turned on), Cigaral discovered that majority of Filipinos have opted to stay […]

Approaches of different countries

Post-lockdown rules in Europe

The following article written by Cornelius Hirsch for Politico summarizes the reopening history of various European countries. It also tracks which countries require mandatory use of masks, as well as the length of each country’s lockdowns.  For most European countries, face masks are no longer required outdoors, and the longest lockdown was that of the UK which […]

Societal Economic Political

Projections on how COVID-19 will reorder our societies

In this March issue of The Politico Magazine, we read some expert predictions on how our societies will be transformed by COVID-19. From this article, it is the opportunity for change is apparent. The author, however cautions: such societal transformation can go both ways. It can either lead us toward a sustainable, nurturing, and life-giving future, or […]


Hopeline hotline for depressed and suicidal Filipinos record 200% increase in calls

Just one month after the countrywide lockdown was imposed on the Philippines, more Filipinos are feeling depressed and anxious. This comes as no surprise as the number of Filipinos struggling with their mental health was already increasing long before the coronavirus isolated them from their communities.  For Hopeline founder Jean Goulbourn, the inability to leave […]

Is a lockdown necessary? Lessons learned

It is time to reopen: Analyses of actual data shows benefits of lockdowns were overestimated

This article by David Henderson and Jonathan Lipow features four researches which re-evaluated the benefits of stay-at-home orders.  One of these researchers was conducted by a team of economists from the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). By using data on travel patterns and foot traffic on non-essential businesses, the team discovered that social distancing […]


Our fear of the coronavirus will change the world

In this article for Dr. Mercola, Barbara Loe Fisher looks at the ramifications of the coronavirus and lockdowns have on our societies. She also explores some of the issues surrounding the coronavirus response of the United States.  Fisher’s article shows us how fear led to entire populations to give up their civil liberties, and how governments, […]

Is it really that deadly? Lessons learned

CDC finds patients with underlying conditions 12 times more likely to die of COVID-19

A published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last June 15, 2020 confirmed the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on individuals with underlying medical conditions. According to the report, individuals with comorbidities were six times more likely to be hospitalized and 12 times more likely to die compared to otherwise healthy individuals. The […]

Lessons learned

How schools in other countries have reopened

In this June 10, 2020 article for Edweek, Madeline Will offers three examples of how countries can re-open schools. Featured in the article are New South Wales in Australia, Denmark, and Taiwan. In New South Wales, schools transitioned to remote learning in March, but once a week in-person classes resumed last May 11. Initial health standards […]