Covid Call To Humanity
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(Activated 07 November 2021)

We, individuals and groups, numbering in the millions, deeply concerned and alarmed with the unscientific, destructive, and deadly covid mandates and vaccines of the government, national and local, hereby declare the following:

Whereas, the Philippines never suffered from excess deaths from COVID-19 and therefore never had a national health emergency in 2020[1];

Whereas, our God-given natural immunity is 2,700% stronger than vaccine-induced immunity, making most truly infected Filipinos recover rapidly from COVID-19;

Whereas, the de facto coerced vaccination of millions of Filipinos is creating a Pandemic of the Vaccinated as the latter still suffer infections and hospitalizations, with deaths reaching in the tens of thousands and injuries in the hundreds of thousands in the Philippines alone;

Whereas, a very recent November 2021 study of 185 countries revealed the most vaccinated countries suffer the most infections and deaths from COVID-19[2];
Whereas the vaccinated are asymptomatic super-spreaders of COVID-19, more vulnerable to variants, and are also the breeding ground for the creation of super variants;

Whereas these vaccines are killing 15 people for everyone life it saves because, among others, the vaccines are destroying the natural immunity of people making the latter more vulnerable to COVID-19 and other diseases;

Whereas, the saving of lives through vaccines is temporary as there is a large possibility that the vaccinated will die in the near future from severe side effects, including Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) which primes a person’s own immune system to attack one’s own body, not to mention vaccine-induced cancers[3] and AIDS[4];

Whereas, country after country is showing that mass vaccination is not achieving population immunity (herd immunity) and will therefore not stop the 18 months (and counting) of lockdowns and related mandates (masks, QR codes, etc.) in the Philippines;

Whereas, these lockdowns have destroyed millions of livelihoods, throwing millions of Filipinos into poverty and hunger and destroying the middle class of the country[5];

Whereas, government lockdowns have resulted in massive mental health problems[6] and suicide in the country[7];

Whereas, a global study has found that the Philippines is at the bottom of 121 countries in terms of the effectiveness of its Covid policies[8];

Whereas the irrationality, lack of science, and fraud plaguing Covid policies is showing that this is not about our health but about control and manipulation of millions[9];

Whereas this fake pandemic uniformly instituted around the world reveals an orchestrated global takeover of nations by world leaders, including the US President Biden, Pope Francis, Bill Gates, and dozens of leaders who have publicly announced their allegiance to the New World Order;

Whereas, we laid out these and other urgent facts, with hundreds of citations to scientific studies and official edicts of regulatory agencies, in a Cease and Desist demand letter to national and local governments[10];

Whereas these instrumentalities of government not only ignored this Cease and Desist demand but, worst, they also continued their unscientific, irrational, and fraudulent Covid policies and further intensified their deadly mass vaccination efforts and are now including teenagers who have a 99.997% survival rate versus COVID-19[11];

In consideration of these above facts, we declare the following comprehensive response to the challenges that face us.

Name: We call ourselves the Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny (PRACT).
Goal: We are coming together to, PEACEFULLY, establish a counterforce, a national resistance, and NON-VIOLENT civil disobedience against this massive abuse, bullying, and killing of the Filipino people.
Principles of Unity

We come from very diverse backgrounds with different priorities and agendas. However, for the sake of our country and to achieve maximum effect and impact, we have unified around the following principles that would bring tyrannical covid policies to an immediate halt.
  1. Stop Medical Martial Law.
  2. Stop Medical Crimes Against Filipinos.
  3. No to Mandatory Vaccinations (especially of our young).
  4. Promote proven natural, safe and effective preventive medicines and cures.
  5. Stop intellectual dishonesty and deceit by the government.
  6. Stop all media manipulation and censorship of the Truth.
  7. Subsume all our various agenda under this unified focus on stopping the vaccine holocaust.
  8. Upon success, institute a participatory, transparent, and democratic process, where the diverse agenda of the different sectors of society can be harmonized in a constructive manner to bring out a sustainable and dignified comprehensive development agenda for the Filipino people.
  9. Undertake all these actions in a non-violent, peaceful manner.
Diversity of Action
Depending on our concrete life situation, we will undertake any or all of the following actions:
  1. Sign this Manifesto and align/coordinate actions of resistance with the Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny.
  2. Ensure that all governors and mayors receive the Cease and Desist demand letter[12].
  3. Distribute a one-page flyer to millions of Filipinos warning them of the dangers of vaccines[13].
  4. Legally challenge forced vaccinations[14].
  5. Collect the Affidavits of the Vaccine-Injured for healing and legal purposes[15].
  6. Litigate the government in all judicial venues including the Supreme Court and the Regional Trial Courts around the country. Pursue TROs in all these jurisdictions[16].
  7. Help organize peaceful and non-violent protest rallies at the national, provincial, city, and municipal levels, all aimed at ending this Covid scamdemic madness.
  8. Activate prayer vigils nationwide to ask for help and protection from our Source, from God, as we all undertake actions that are spiritually aligned with God’s intention for humanity.
Framework of Action

It is important to note that all these actions are not separate individual actions. They are the different faces of nationwide resistance and peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience.

Our Framework of Civil Disobedience is unique. It is not like the People Power of the past that focuses on one central location. Rather the protest actions will take place all over the country in a synchronized and coordinated manner. It will entail different forms of resistance, as detailed above.

From the very first moments of its activation, the nation will understand that this is a serious resistance movement and will irresistibly climax in the liberation of people from the de facto Covid policies that have killed and severely harmed the Filipino people.

We will continue to educate people, at the barangay level, regarding the truth about the deadly vaccines, their legal rights, and how they can resist illegal mandatory vaccinations.

As more lawyers join our efforts, we will file various legal cases against the perpetrators of these different forms of crimes against humanity. We will do this at the various Courts, including the Supreme Court.

Shortly thereafter, we will hold major demonstrations in cities and provinces that are prepared. Meanwhile, all over the country, we will encourage people to continue distributing the leaflets about vaccine dangers and continue resisting illegal vaccine mandates by filing criminal charges of grave coercion against perpetrators of the crime.

All these efforts will steadily then rapidly unfold through time and will culminate in concerted days of national protests.

If you want to join this national resistance movement and help, kindly contact us at:
+639266542078 or or
Covid Call to Humanity: