Covid Call To Humanity
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Urgent Updates on Our Cease and Desist Initiative: Time to Intensify Resistance

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For almost 18 months now, we have mostly focused on straight scientific analysis on the Covid crisis of humanity. However, in the past few months, we started moving into action while we continued our search for Truth. Without action, the truth remains an empty distraction from the need to change the narrative of the world and to stop the carnage of humanity that was and is happening before our very eyes.

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Public Seminar Episode 8: Cease and Desist

This episode gives an overview of the Cease and Desist letter that Nicanor Perlas of CCH submitted to Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of government. It was also given to the military. It gives a summary of how the media suppressed the news of this important development in the Philippines. It then goes on to detail the constitutional and other …

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