Covid Call To Humanity
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You may now find a collection of videos and podcasts produced by this website on a dedicated page. Visit the AUDIO-VISUAL page.

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KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: A Legal Explanation by Atty. Aaron Soguilon

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Here’s the RA 11525 to protect you from coercion. This law states that vaccination should not be used as an additional requirement for employment, education, government transactions, etc.

Pinilit ka? I-grave coercion mo yan!

This is an accompaniment video for the article: Ready To Pushback? Here Are Some Documents You Can Use To Protect Yourself From Vaccine Coercion

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Public Seminar Episode 6: Do You Really Want to Vaccinate the Young?

The following video was aired live last October 10, 2021. In it, Nicanor Perlas shows that there is no scientific basis for vaccinating the young. First, even if children test positive for COVID, they typically do not experience serious symptoms, and a huge majority will fully recover. Second, children and open schools do no drive the spread of the virus. …

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