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PITAHC supports “tuob”

A statement released by the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) last June 30, 2020 supported the use of tuob or steam inhalation to alleviate the respiratory illness commonly experienced by patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms. Editor’s Note: While this statement was released more than a month ago, it has not been […]

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Defending our capacity for attention and empathy

How can we create flourishing human relationships? Jaron Lanier, one of the founders of virtual reality, asked the following question, “If the ‘hive mind’ is my audience, who am I?” The hive mind is an order in which each mental node, whether human or machine, coordinates its operations within the system as a whole, whose […]

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Clinical trial for virgin coconut oil shows potential as supplement COVID-19 treatment

Clinical trials on virgin coconut oil (VCO) as a supplement for treatment of COVID-19 is showing promise as a majority of participants have been discharged. The initial study was conducted at Sta. Rosa Community Hospital and involved 45 patients with mild symptoms.  Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Fortunato Dela Pena says that more […]

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Atleast 1/3 of Britons may not take coronavirus vaccine

A recent poll conducted by YouGov for the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) found that at least 31% of Britons and 41% of US respondents will not have the coronavirus vaccine or are unsure about it. The following research findings comes as a surprise as news of human trials of coronavirus vaccines have recently been publicized.  […]

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Low COVID-19 mortality associated with high consumption of fermented vegetables

In a new research led by Jean Bousquet, they found that European countries that had a high consumption of fermented vegetables also registered low COVID-19 mortality rate. Fermented foods increase the antioxidant activity of food products, and are known to improve the human microbiome [see How Your Diet Can Help Reduce The COVID-19 Risk], which […]

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Vitamin D levels play a role in COVID-19 severity

Utilizing global data from 10 countries, researchers from the Northwestern University found that patients from countries with high COVID-19 mortality rates had lower levels of vitamin D compared to patients from countries that were not as severely affected.  Vadim Backman, lead researcher for this study said that their team discovered the strong correlation between vitamin […]

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Japanese firm says its deep UV light deactivates coronavirus by 99.9%

This article from Kyoto News highlights the results of the joint experiment conducted by the University of Miyazaki and Nikkiso Co. which involved the use of a deep ultraviolet LED. According to the experiment, the Deep UV-LEDs developed by Nikkiso caused the drop in the virus’ infection capacity by 99.9%. Researchers say that this technology will be […]

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66% of new coronavirus hospitalizations in New York are from those who stayed home

In a COVID-19 briefing at Long Island, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed the “shocking” discovery that 66% of new coronavirus patients in the city which required hospitalization are from those individuals who have opted to stay home.  Editor’s Note: This result highlights the fact that simply putting a city on lockdown is not enough […]

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How to stay healthy in the time of COVID-19

The following article was published by Greenpeace Philippines in March to educate Filipinos on how we can keep healthy amidst the community quarantine and the anxiety brought about by the coronavirus. Some suggestions on how we can boost our immune system include the following: hydrate, get enough sleep, get moving, and keep calm and stay positive. The article […]

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Practicing wellness while on quarantine

In this article, Harpreet Gujral, director of the integrative medicine program at John Hopkins’ Sibley Memorial Hospital, offers seven suggestions on staying centered and healthy while we work at home during the pandemic. These seven suggestions include: greeting the day, breathing to relieve stress, moving and stretching both indoors and outdoors, eating well, creating a […]