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The truth about the August 1 Berlin protest

The following is a letter sent to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. The author, a friend of Kennedy, related to him the events that transpired at the August 1 Unite For Freedom Rally at Berlin [we wrote about this protest in the article 17,000+ gather in Berlin to protest against COVID-19 […]

Censhorship Individual & Collective Actions

Full Plandemic documentary out now, being censored by Big Tech

When the first Plandemic documentary came out in May 4, 2020, it spread virally in social media garnering millions of views. Because of its reach, the video was immediately banned by various social media platforms for promoting “falsehoods and misinformation” about COVID-19. Two months after the initial video, film producer Mikki Willis has finally released […]


Another frontliner doctor pushes back against censorship

This video from The High Wire features Dr. Lisa Koche who was inspired by the press conference at Capitol Hill by America’s Frontliner Doctors [read Read it yourself: Transcript of the first press conference of America’s Frontline Doctors]. Dr. Koche, a triple board certified physician, expresses her dismay at the censorship faced by America’s Frontliner Doctors […]

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Zoom Joins Censorship Bandwagon for China

On June, 12,2020 Reclaim The Net revealed that Zoom was tweaking its app to enable it to restrict the participation of users from targeted geographic areas of the world. Zoom’s rationale for censorship of certain users is to ‘comply with requests from local authorities’. As it turns out, that “local authority” is China. Zoom has […]